Weekly Librarian Link Love

Starting today, I’ll be giving a little weekly “link love” here  for book and history lovers as well as a mind-body-spirit link roundup at The Spiritual Eclectic blog.

The links on my Librarians blog are often little  tidbits that turned up in my research.  The Dark Ages and, to a lesser degree, The Middles Ages have always stirred my interest.   This week?


A 1300-year-old Anglo-Saxon grave

Warfare in Iron-Age Britain (Part I)

 Warfare in Iron-Age Britain (Part II)

Medieval Vampire Skull Found

Rare Books:

Ancient text and Vatican Library

Islamic Group to Destroy Centuries-Old Texts (this one plays soooo closely to my plans for book 3 that it’s eerie)


I discovered Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Ursula LeGuin, Harlan Ellison, and D.C. Fontana when I was about 12, and those early works have always had a big impression on the types of worlds I build in my books.  That doesn’t mean I’m completely serious!  Which is why the irreverent and somewhat offensive Rachel Bloom video about her affections for Ray Bradbury make me grin.  Warning:  NSFW!


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