Book 1

The Secret Lives of Librarians, Book 1 of the Ninth Gate series of paranormal suspense thrillers.  Watch for this upcoming serialized novel.

After Lilah was abducted as a child, the darkness in her has always been just below the surface.  Well, almost always.  Can she keep the monster inside her under control and find a new life purpose as the guardian of an ancient library of deadly secrets? Or is she destined for hell?

Daegan, a physics professor by day and High Priest of the Ancients Ones by night, will do anything to bring back his beloved Suzanna.  Will he rescue Lilah from a cold-blooded killer determined to steal the key to life and death–only to sacrifice her on the altar of a long-forgotten god?


Episode 1:  “The Key of Hell and Death”

A former “subject matter expert” in torture seeks a new life as a rare books librarian.  Can Lilah Burns rescue a Medieval book of biological warfare recipes?  Or will the killer of its previous owner find the book first?

Episode 2:  “The Fourth Witch”

A physics professor searches for a 12th century spell to return his lost love.  But first, he must raid a long-forgotten cemetery to get what he needs for a dark moon ritual.

Episode 3:  “Kinky, with a Side of Evil”

Recovering from a beating by a rare book thief and grateful for the help of a dangerous stranger, Lilah contemplates her utter loneliness–and finds comfort only in an alternative lifestyle.

Episode 4:  “Everyday Zombies”

Lilah’s employer, who runs the top secret military bunker inside the library, warns her to get her act together before it’s too late.  Lilah was rescued from a military prison for a purpose, but so far, she’s a failure.