First Episode of The Secret Lives of Librarians Coming Up!

“If a book is well-written, I always find it too short.” — Jane Austen.  Photo from Goodwill Librarian’s Facebook page.

Oh, I so hope that quote is true!  The Secret Lives of Librarians is the length of 2-3 “normal” books.  My non-writer friends said, “Oh, you should make it several books. Just break it into parts.”

“You don’t understand,” I told them.  “There are already at least 5 books I have in mind, some plotted in detail and others more general.  When I say there are 4 more books in the series, I mean BESIDES the first complete novel.”

Oh, dear.  I think this means I’m writing a saga.  But then, the sheer length and complexity of the book is the primary reason it’s being released as a serialized novel.  At the end of the first serialization of individual “episodes,” it will be published in its entirety for those who love big books and don’t mind spending a week at a time immersed in one rather than in smaller chunks.

At the moment, it looks like the first episode, “The Key of Hell and Death,” will be out in about a week!  (We’re waiting to get past Hurricane Isaac  and its aftermath first.)

It’s an exciting introduction to Lilah Burns and all her complexities, as well as the object of her search:  a centuries-old book of recipes for biological weapons, chemical warfare and…resurrecting the dead.

We expect to have a new episode out every week in digital format.  Subscribe to our feed for updates or check back here.  We’ll post links to where you can find the serialized novel as it’s published.

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