Weekly Librarian Link Love

Busy week, dead computer.  Need I say more?  Fortunately, I had some great links on my iPad to entertain and educate me.

So I know where I want to go on vacation next summer–Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. Looks like it’ll cost me more than my trip to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago, but oh, I NEEEEEEED to go.  No, LILAH needs me to go!  I know the part of her job that is related to the Department of Defense, but I need to increase my expertise  in the world of libraries.  A lot has happened since I worked in a library or even camped out there daily.

And where to keep all those books I love (the non-digital kind, that is)?  Make your own bookcase from a cable spool.  Hmm, I think I had one of these in college.

One of my favorite places in Spain was the museum at the Cathedral at Santiago, not just for the rare books and tapestries there but also for the stone fragments.  Mostly Celtic or Spanish influence, though, not like these cuneiform tablets.

Speaking of trips, here’s another place I’d like to visit, Ireland.

When I was writing romance fiction, I was tempted to try Medieval Historical Romance. Research was lots of fun, especially research into historical underwear.

Now, I’m less interested in Medieval underwear now and more interested in cool gadgets Lilah might use in her adventures, like this Cell phone taser.


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