Music: Daegan Will Do Anything to Bring Back his Lost Love

“Darkening Sky,” by Peter Bradley Adams, reminds me of the second episode in The Secret Lives of Librarians (Episode 2, “The Fourth Witch”), where Daegan has gone in search of one of the last few things he needs to reclaim the woman he loved:

One thing that was intentionally missing was a flashlight or lantern.  There’s a reason, he mused, that grave diggers prefer the full moonlight.  Never mind that there was not a living soul around for miles.  Secrecy was of the utmost importance. 

With urgency being close behind.

He couldn’t risk some backwoods redneck seeing a light deep in the woods beyond the NO TRESPASSING signs.  He’d be shot on sight if anyone saw him working with the blackest of magicks to bring his desires to fruition, to bring back his sweet Suzanna. 



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